We endeavour to provide a convenient and efficient service for immigration medicals in Invercargill. Patients will have their medical check-up and urine tests done at the appointment. Referrals will be given for the completion of blood tests and X-rays.

From 1 April 2015, Immigration New Zealand have changed the way immigration medicals are conducted from paper forms to an online service called eMedical. eMedicals can only be done by select providers. We are a provider of immigration eMedical examinations for Immigration New Zealand.

As an eMedical provider, we no longer complete paper forms for immigration medicals; they will all be completed and sent online.

We do not know what sort of Visa you are applying for, nor do we automatically know what medical exams you require; it is up to you to tell us!
Immigration New Zealand will notify you of what type of medical exam is required.

South City Medical Centre will only require a follow up consultation if abnormalities are found in the results. Further consultations and tests will incur extra charges which you will be made aware of if these are required.

At South City Medical Centre, we do try to keep prices to a minimum, but we have no authority over the cost of blood tests and X-rays as these are provided by an external provider.

Please bring your passport with you to the appointment. Photos will be taken to attach to the eMedical. These are taken according to strict New Zealand Immigration policy, so please ensure no headwear (unless religious) and, if you normally wear glasses, also bring them with you.

South City Medical Centre is a multi-lingual practice and every effort will be made to ensure there is no communication difficulty.

If you foresee any problems, please do not hesitate to let the staff know at the time of booking and we will try and help.