Occupational Health is the study of the interface between the health of workers and the work that they do.

It considers the effect of a worker’s health on his or her ability and fitness to work and the effect of an individual’s work on his or her health.

South City Medical Centre can provide advice on the identification, measurement and management of health hazards in the workplace, whether these hazards be biological, chemical, physical or psychological.

Occupational Safety in the last decade has to be part of the day to day business of an enterprise. Safety at work is required to be systematic and scientific rather than ad-hoc as has too often been the situation in the past.

South City Medical Centre can provide advice on developing and implementing a comprehensive range of safety systems as well as providing training for management and employees.


We can provide your organisation with a number of Occupational Health and Safety services. For more information on any of the services, please contact us.

Respiratory Function Testing

For workplaces where respiratory hazards are present (eg dusts, fumes, vapours), respiratory function testing is an essential part of monitoring employee health.

Drug Testing Services

South City Medical Centre can advise on the setting up of a drug testing programme and co-ordinate the testing procedure.

‘Wellness’ Checks

‘Warrant of Fitness’ checks to safeguard the health of your company’s most valuable assets.

Audiometric Testing

Essential for workplaces where noise hazards exist.

Occupational Immunisation

A well managed immunisation programme can be effective and help to minimise time off work, leading to greater productivity. In high risk environments, this can be vitally important to reduce the possibility of exposure risks.

Pre-Employment & Periodic Health Monitoring Services

Pre-employment/pre-placement medical assessment is important to ensure a prospective new employee is fit for the proposed job and provides vital baseline data against which subsequent monitoring results can be compared. Periodic monitoring of existing employees ensures the detection of any work related health problem at an early stage.